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Since I didn't get the perfect score last time I decided to play this game again, this time I tried to make it a bit more cinematic

Wow! Good stuff! It was really fun to see you play to the end of both scales! You must have spent hours in this thing by now? 

Thanks, it was really fun playing this!

I passed the evaluation, but I noticed that i haven't got the perfect score... now I have to get back again!

Amazing game, I had ablast playing it! Good Job!!

Thank you!! it was really fun watching you fight the evaluator!

I'm glad you had fun! Thanks again for making the game!

I had problemes with fullscreen, but I was able to fix it.

If you have problems displaying the game in full screen press alt+tab to exit full screen, then if you have installed the app click on "Show local files" in the right corner and a folder open up (the folder it's in user(your username)\appdata\roaming\itch\apps\EVALUMATIC) open the options.ini file with a text editor and change AlternateSyncMethod=0 to AlternateSyncMethod=1.

When you launch the game it should work properly!

Good to know! This gives me an idea of how to be able to take screenshots from gamemaker. it never works. Thanx!